My Approach

We all face transitions in our lives – at work, at home, with our loved ones.  Many transitions are easy, and we move through them smoothly.  However, sometimes we get stuck.  Through an open dialogue and open heart, my goal is to help you embrace the transition you are facing, so you end up where you want to be.

You may be deciding to make a change in your life – maybe you are seeking a new opportunity, or have decided it’s time to work less. Or maybe you are considering a move to a new area, or have recently relocated. These types of transitions take planning, energy and effort. Even in planned transitions people often get stuck.

Other times transitions happen to us – unexpectedly and unplanned. These transitions often require a more focused investment of energy and effort to move through successfully.

I coach people through a both types of transitions – planned and unplanned – helping individuals identify their goals, make a plan, and move forward.

Types of Transition Coaching

Job Transition Coaching

Regardless of age, I often hear people say, “I don’t know what I want to do.” These individuals just know they are unhappy doing what they are doing and want a change. In other situations a company may have decided a person is no longer a fit for the role they’ve had and they need to find something new. Both are challenging situations to face alone and can be eased through a commitment to coaching.

Retirement Transition Coaching

Let’s face it; change is hard for many people. When you’ve done something the same way for decades, it’s hard to consider what comes next. For many, it is a time of uncertainty, fear, and dread. There is a lot of emotion rolled up inside.

For others, retirement is a time to look forward to kicking back and relaxing. After the “honeymoon” period ends, then what? Whether you are looking forward to retirement or concerned about how you will fill your days, exploring how to make this chapter of your life what you want it to be can be guided through coaching.

Relocation Coaching

Preparing for, or experiencing, relocation can be both exciting and stressful. Like other life changes, there are unknowns and uncertainties. A relocation is often coupled with both a new job and new community. Finding the personal reserves that are needed to relocate successfully is exhausting. Coaching can assist you in creating a healthy plan for you and/or your family, finding ways to smoothly transition at work and home.

Robin has helped countless individuals find fulfillment from their careers and she is highly skilled in giving folks the tools and capabilities to become more confident and effective leaders.

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Benefits of Transition Coaching

  • Allows space and exploration of expectations, values, goals.
  • Provides private space for open discussion around fears and concerns.
  • Clarifies actions steps and creates accountability.

Transition Coaching within a Company

Many companies recognize that support given to employees going through transitions benefits the company in return. Key features of transition coaching for companies:

  • 1:1 Private Meetings
  • Confidentiality for the Employee
  • Separation of Work and Personal Concerns


Transition Success Story

I began working with “Jill” after a conversation with her Human Resources Manager. They had concluded that while Jill was successful in her current position she was unhappy and unfulfilled. Neither could decipher clear next steps and decided coaching would be beneficial. As I began working with Jill it was quickly evident that her current role was not only unfulfilling, but was also impacting her confidence, leaving her very uncertain about what to do, and even questioning her skill set. We worked on identifying her values and her strengths. We explored her preferences using DiSC, and we created action steps for her to explore a variety of opportunities. As we worked together, Jill began developing a very clear picture of what she didn’t want to do – and a solid list of what she wanted in a position – giving her confidence as she entered a new role.

What’s Possible for You?

Transitions can be exciting and fulfilling.  Having the right support, guidance and tools can make a significant difference in your satisfaction and success as you embark on your next chapter.



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