Before successful leadership training and development can occur, I meet with senior leaders so they can articulate a clear strategy and provide a sense of corporate culture. This insight helps set the tone and direction of our work together. My proven approach includes a series of short, small group workshops for the best results.

Just about every top performing organization understands the importance of ongoing leadership training and development for their employees. Senior leaders and HR managers who support an open culture of individual and team training perform better overall.

Leadership Training

Most managers and leaders are promoted from within their company, and move into a leadership position because of their expertise in a technical area. Once in a position of leading people, this leaves a gap. The knowledge and skill they’ve depended upon for their success to date, isn’t the same as what they need to lead people going forward. New knowledge is needed to be effective in leading a group of people.

Whether working with a group of new team leaders, or more tenured Executives, I will work with you to identify the greatest areas of need.

Common Areas for Leadership Training & Development

  • Leadership Styles & Approaches
  • Communications Styles
  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence
  • Coaching
  • Managing Performance
  • How to Handle Change

Training & Development Format

I design a series of short 90-minute to 2-hour in-person workshops focusing on a particular topic area. The goal is to teach the concept and then engage the small group in a specific discussion on how to apply the concept within their workspace – making the training real and applicable. This results in a deep understanding of the tools they learn and can apply right away.

Training Example: Model Around Change

In leading a workshop about change, I will first lead a discussion around key concepts of the change – introducing concepts and models to increase knowledge. I will then lead the group through exercises to apply the concepts to a change occurring in their workplace. A healthy discussion ensues, and participants are able to apply the learning directly, creating action plans for immediate implementation.

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did to make our training a wonderful experience. You have a very effective way of presenting material so that it is appropriate and relevant to every person in the room.”

Director, Skidmore College

The Benefits of Leadership Development

  • More skilled and knowledgeable leaders.
  • A better set of tools to draw from when working with people.
  • Leaders learning how to integrate people leadership into their role.
  • Understanding the behaviors an individual may need to shift to engage the people they lead.

Leadership Training Features

  • Customized training to address the needs of your leaders.
  • In-house, small group training.
  • Proven training methods.

What’s Possible for Your Leaders?

It’s likely that your leaders are very strong technically. Helping them become strong people leaders has a very specific and satisfying path. Your leaders will be more equipped to manage their teams, and your teams will grow in turn. Investing in your leaders is investing in your workforce.



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