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Wiley DiSC® Assessment Suite of Tools

There are lots of personality assessment tools in the marketplace. I use Wiley DiSC® tools because of the proven science behind them. The Wiley tools are validated and reliable as learning and development tools. I also use the Wiley tools because they are rich with information – yet easy to understand. Very applicable and straightforward verbiage that can be applied to everyday life and work.

Wiley The Five Behaviors™ Team Assessments

Finding a way to help individuals and teams learn core concepts, develop common language and create strong agreements is challenging.  Based on the work of Patrick Lencioni, the Wiley Five Behaviors™ Team assessments offer key insight into where teams are strong, and where they need further development.

“DiSC® is brilliantly and deceptively simple.”

John Lavazzo – Technology Director

DiSC Workplace®

Used individually to help a person better understand their work and communication style.  Also used with teams to help a team understand each other better. Communicate better. Understand team strengths and weaknesses.

DiSC Management®

Used with a manager to help them understand their management style. And how they can be more effective in developing, delegating and motivating employees of different styles. This can also be used with a group of managers for training.

DiSC Work of Leaders®

Leaders need to lead change – this requires creating a vision, aligning resources and executing. This tool shows a leader their natural aptitude in each of these areas as compared with proven leadership best practices in each area. This tool can be used with an individual leader for insight and coaching, or with a group of leaders to understand who to tap into at what point in a change effort – playing to the natural strengths of specific leaders.

DiSC 363®

This is a 360 feedback tool. A process that provides a leader with feedback from a 360 circle of people around them: their boss, their peers, their direct reports, and a group of other people they would like to “hear” from. The feedback provides ratings in critical leadership areas, and feedback from all groups. This process includes individual coaching and action planning for development.

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