My Approach

Engaging a large audience takes extra energy and effort.  Keynote talks need to be inspiring and informative.  I do both.  By meeting with you to customize one of my signature talks, or through working with you to develop a talk specific for your event, I will engage your audience while keeping a pace that supports learning and motivation.

I’ve made it my life’s passion to radically change the mindset of leaders and teams so they feel empowered to be and do great things. Keynote talks are a special opportunity to do this. While I most frequently work with individual leaders and teams, a keynote talk is an occasion to impact greater numbers of leaders with an important message – inspiring them to take key actions to lead better.

I offer keynote talks that promise to educate, entertain and motivate your audience. My signature talks offer new insight on important topics that promise to ignite the curiosity of attendees.

  • Each talk is intended energize the kickoff of your program.
  • You choose a related topic that your audience is working to develop or select one of my signature talks below.
  • Talks are designed to have participation by the audience at their seats, building engagement.
  • Keynote Length: 45 minutes.

“You really are very good at what you do! Many people were commenting on how great your presentation was as they were leaving. Words cannot express how grateful I am for our partnership.”

Chamber Attendee/Mentee

Signature Talk #1: Leadership Trust: Do You Have What it Takes?

Building trust as a leader is hard. It’s not a given and in fact, for many employees you will start at a deficit simply because you are in a leadership role.

So how do you build trust – and why is it important? Through this dynamic presentation, I will share stories and strategies of leaders who effectively built trust and the results they achieved, as well as examples of leaders who failed. You will gain insight into the importance of creating a culture of trust and specific steps you can take to build trust with and between your team members.

Signature Talk #2: Change:  Lead Them, Don’t Force Them

Change can be challenging for leaders – people react in multiple ways, and resistance can slow progress or even derail your efforts.

In this engaging presentation you will learn key strategies in leading a work group through change. How to introduce change, how to identify and manage resistance, communication strategies throughout a transition, and key strategies to maintain forward momentum. Learn from stories of success and failure to apply to the change you are leading.

What’s Possible for You?

Expectations are high, excitement is mounting, people are curious. Insure that your speaker hits the mark, shares a strong message, and inspires your audience.



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