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My Approach

Coaching is a discovery process – people discovering their strengths, discovering their goals, discovering what’s holding them back. I’m a naturally curious person. So in addition to my formal coaching training, I’m naturally inclined to help in that discovery process.

Coaching provides a confidential, non-judgmental space for people to share their thoughts, hear themselves talk, and recognize how their thoughts may be limiting, or holding them back. Through coaching we co-create action plans out loud – creating accountability.

Leaders make the future. They have a ripple effect – positive or negative – that steeps broadly and deeply into their organization. How well you lead your team impacts every part of your business.

If you are a leader, don’t go it alone – there are things to learn. When you take responsibility to develop yourself and your leaders, big shifts happen.

Effective leaders have better strategies on how to approach difficult situations, on how to lead their people, and on how to communicate. An effective leader is more confident, more calm, more focused – and this ripples out to your team and beyond. Imagine what could happen with a healthier workplace culture.

Common Struggles Leaders Face

  • Frustration – not getting desired results from the people you lead.
  • Fear – afraid you are not leading well enough.
  • Desire for success – wanting to get ahead but not knowing how.
  • Feeling “stuck” – dealing with the same problems over and over again, and needing new solutions.
  • Demotivation – needing to engage and retain staff or they are likely to move on.
  • Overwhelmed – not enough time in the day and needing new strategies.

“Robin has unique gifts of facilitation and coaching.  In giving me tools, and coaching their application, I was able to have more effective interactions with others.  Once that started to happen my own confidence increased.  My personal growth, outside of work, and at work, has continued since the work I did with Robin.  I have to say that it has had a dramatic and positive impact on all aspects of my life.”

Jodi Bruer, Marketing Director, Bone Health, Amgen

Who I Work With

I work with leaders at all levels within an organization, from a variety of industries – small to mid-size companies, large corporations, and non-profits. The most important factor is that the company, and the individual, desire growth.  That they are interested in making the commitment to their leaders, or themselves, to grow through the coaching process.

I work with Emerging and New Leaders

  • Young leaders who are technically strong and haven’t had any leadership development.
  • Newly promoted leaders who are excited to learn how to lead and manage people using various leadership approaches and tools.
  • Inexperienced leaders who need to gain confidence in becoming a proficient people leader.

I work with Established Leaders

  • Leaders who are doing well, and have a desire to do more – high potential leaders within their organization.
  • Leaders – at any level in an organization – who are facing people leadership challenges and are motivated to try new strategies.
  • Leaders who have received negative feedback about their people leadership approaches and they need to change.

How I Work With Leaders

A kick-off meeting is structured to identify goals – what the leader is looking to achieve, or do differently, as a result of the coaching. This meeting may happen 1:1 with the leader, or may be in conjunction with the leader’s manager to help confirm and support the leader’s goals.

A schedule of coaching sessions is then established based upon the goals and scope of what the leader is working to achieve. The cadence of sessions varies, however they are typically held bi-weekly at the start of an assignment, stretching out to monthly as goals are achieved and work is being done to sustain changed behaviors.

Coaching is a confidential, personalize development path. At times it is helpful to use various assessment tools. Some of the tools I use include:

  • DiSC Assessments: Workplace, Management, Leadership, Conflict and Sales
  • DiSC 363 Feedback Process
  • 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Assessment
  • 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Assessment – Personal Assessment
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessments
  • Personal Relationship Analysis Tools
  • Time and Work Management tools

The Benefits of Leadership Coaching

You can become a better leader. You don’t have be labeled as a “natural born leader” to become a better leader. I’ll help you develop the skills and emotional intelligence you need to become a more knowledgeable and self-aware leader. When you begin to believe in your leadership abilities, your confidence grows and you will feel more comfortable engaging employees. This positive ripple effect improves organizational culture, improves employee retention, and makes better companies.

Here’s what I provide my clients:
  • An objective point of view
  • Support – listening
  • Personal attention
  • Guidance and recommendations
  • A plan – accountability
Here are the results you can expect:
  • Increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Growth
  • Empowerment
  • Forward momentum
  • Achievement of goals


“Thank you for allowing me to “be myself” in our sessions. You are spot on that I tend to revert back to unhealthy reactions when I’m feeling stressed. I now have the tools to address this issue in the future.”

CFO – Technology Company

How My Coaching Enriches People’s Lives

For each individual, the transformation is quite personal. My clients find ways to think differently and approach situations in new ways. Coaching helps them feel more empowered to take steps to improve themselves – and those around them.  Ironically, my clients find they use many of the skills and insights gained through coaching in their personal lives as well – in their relationship with family and friends – increasing overall satisfaction.

For individual leaders, coaching helps identify better strategies for approaching a variety of work situations. Leaders gain knowledge and insights on how to build relationships where communication flows more freely – building trust and productivity. My clients find they are more confident, calmer, and have a “more” mindset, positively impacting their team’s results.


What’s Possible for You?

It might be hard putting a dollar sign on solving a people problem, or leadership development, when things don’t feel certain or tangible.  However, the feeling of empowerment and being able to get “unstuck” ….is priceless.



Robin Perry
Leadership & Professional Coach
Rock Hill, SC

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