These were words of advice from my son Bryce this summer.

The backstory: Where I’m living in South Carolina has a 6 mile trail along a river – right outside my door. It’s beautiful. Many mornings I hop on my bike and head out. To my surprise, there are hills in this part of SC and early this summer they were proving to be a little tough for someone who hadn’t spent a lot of time on a bike seat in many years. (Me!)

Bryce came to visit, and as we rode the trail he hit the hills and flew up them. I commented on how challenging they were for me and he said, “I just stand up and keep going.”

I began to apply his wisdom. And 3 months later the hills are not as daunting – and there are even some where I can stay seated!

Lately as I’ve been climbing those hills, and his words echo through my mind, I’ve thought about what it means to “stand up and keep going.”

What happens when we stand up?  We take notice. We’re more alert. We get a new perspective. We see what’s ahead.

What happens when we keep going?  We’re moving. We’re taking action. We’re not standing still.

I think most of us can apply these two concepts personally and professionally.

Stop and think – where do you need to “stand up?”

Where are you looking down and not seeing what’s in front of you? Or where do you have your head buried that you’re not taking full notice of what’s around you? Or where are you focused too closely not allowing you to see the big picture?

And where have you stopped going?

Where are you not taking action that you should be – or want to be? Where are you stuck and not moving forward?

I see both of these things happen with clients. They are focused so narrowly that they can’t see the many options in front of them. And very frequently I work with people afraid to “keep going.” Not taking action for fear of what’s at the top of the hill.

What I have found, if we do both – stand up and keep going – we’ve got a great combination. Keeping our head up, being alert, taking in what’s around us – while we take action – allows us to adjust as needed.

As I’m heading up those hills it means I adjust my gears. And yes, sometimes it’s smoother than others. But one thing I know, it’s better than sitting at the bottom of the hill!

So think about where you want to stand up and keep going. Personally, professionally, in a relationship. And if you find you need some coaching along the way, I’m here for you.